Program 2018 - Mash Up Film Festival
Mashup film festival 2017
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Dear programmers and theater managers,


We present you our menu “à la carte” made of mashups prepared by “la crème de la crème” of the Net gleaners. Mix and mash the flavors came from all over the world to make light, spiced or bittersweet meals and choose your dates in 2018.


All the audiences can be invited at the table. The programming for a young audience has been made the whole audience laughing during the last edition of the festival. So that’s why we have some extra and next to the fries, we propose to taste new recycled vegetables. Of course we do not forget our faithful geeks whose exigence and whose thirst for knowledge goes beyond crisps nibbling: Nippon Mix, MashUp Series programmings.


Next to the pop and punk, there will also be the educative mashup that shows the backstages of the cinema. And sex then? It is so beautiful when it is stuffed with sense and feelings than we continue to honor it through all its forms, fictional, documentary or experimental ones.


We want to encourage the creation of new flavors. Anchor of the hybridation, mix and the interbreeding of the cultures, we now want to give a guideline. And because it is fashionable today to paint everything in black, we chose to emphasize the opposite with the theme of our calls for creations “Dreams, misappropriation and utopia”.


To help us to re-enchant the world and to make known the “Digital Nouvelle Vague” filmmakers, we are joined by prestigious sponsors as LaCinéTek, established by awards winners Cédric Klapisch, Pascale Ferran and Laurent Cantet. Screenings combining classical films and mashup shorts will be organized.


Finally we keep forging ahead a transmedia festival with playful conferences, workshops, theater plays, gigs and dance!


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