Poster competition - Mash Up Film Festival
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Be the official visual of the MFF 2018 !


And win an unlimited festival pass for the MashUp Film Festival 2018 !


The mashup copies and pastes, combines and reappropriates an unlimited catalog of images, sounds, ideas and patterns available on Internet. By creating this way, it democratizes the creative act, abolishes hierarchies between arts and make porous the boundaries between creator and viewer.

Instead of doing that by ourselves in our little space, we prefer to launch an open call to find the official poster of the MashUp Film Festival 2018, open to all. All the artistic sensibilities are welcome to think and rethink the them of the MFF 2018, “Dreams, misappropriations and utopia”.


A selection comity will choose between 5 posters. The five selected applicants will get an unlimited festival pass that will allow them to access to every events of the festival, to go to great screenings and shows, to have a VIP seat in our partner events and to meet artists from all over the world. The poster of the winner will be shown on the walls of all partner places of the festival that will take place in thirty different places, in France and abroad.


All the regulations here.

Poster competition


Deadline : 30th of November 2018

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