The tribute screening - Mash Up Film Festival
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The tribute screening

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© Helen Green
Programmation Tribute

Mashup filmmaking goes first through a huge cinephile-y. That’s even more their true for the movies called the “Tribute”. Tribute directors don’t have any ounce of pretension to create their own “artwork”. They do not create a personal point of view on the world, but they use the ones of “filming filmmakers” they adore. Their ambition is to be at the service of those filmmakers and their fans, to condense their filmography, and put to light their favorite themes. 

A Stanley Kubrick Odyssey – A Tribute, Richard Vézina
Hommage à Breaking Bad, Alexandre Gasulla
David Lynch, in Four Moments – A Tribute, Richard Vézina
Hommage à Miyazaki, Alexandre Gasulla
Programmation timing = 50 mn

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